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September 2020

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  • Özgür Gündem Ana Davası (Eren Keskin)
  • Rosa Kadın Derneği davaları (Gülcihan Şimşek)
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  Letter from Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders to the UN, about the growing threat to LGBTI + rights

The member organisations of Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders have written a letter to the United Nations (UN) special mandate holders, underlining the recent increase in attacks on LGBTI+ people in Turkey. The letter demands an urgent intervention from the UN authorities.  The letter has been addressed to the UN Independent Expert on Sexual... 

  Joint Press Statement: We Won’t Stop Fighting Until Justice Is Delivered For The Human Rights Defenders

3 July 2020, After the Hearing, Çağlayan Courthouse, Istanbul This prosecution, which has nothing to do with the laws and should have never been opened in the first place, is concluded with another unlawful decision. The court decision based solely on trumped-up charges, all of which have already been refuted, is another stain on Turkey’s... 

  Joint Press Statement: We Are Here for Justice

3 July 2020, Çağlayan Courthouse, Istanbul Three years ago, during a routine civil society workshop in Büyükada island, human rights defenders were detained by police. Human rights defenders who spent many years defending human rights were targeted with baseless allegations and a smear campaign on TV and newspapers. In the shadow of a climate of... 

  Targeting and Investigating Organizations That Criticize Hate Speech Against LGBTI+ Must Come to an End

In days when Turkey and the world is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing extraordinary times with thousands of people are losing their lives every day. Amid such crisis, the respect for human rights, the work of rights defenders and their existence are of utmost importance in terms of facilitating solidarity among citizens.... 

  On the 900th day of Osman Kavala’s Detention, We Repeat: Free All the Rights Defenders Now

On 14 April 2020, the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Turkey stated that there are overall 17 confirmed coronavirus cases among the prisoners in 5 prisons in Turkey, and 3 of these cases resulted in death. This statement was an admission by the authorities of the presence of coronavirus inside the prisons. Current... 

  Osman Kavala Must Be Released Immediately

Osman Kavala, who spent 840 days behind bars based on groundless accusations and unlawful practices, was released following his acquittal in the Gezi Park trial on 18 February 2020. However, he was promptly re-arrested on charges related to the failed coup attempt of July 15 despite this release order. Osman Kavala’s re-arrest is an example... 

  Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders – Turkey has founded

We, the undersigned, emphasize once again that defending human rights is a universal right; thus, we strongly condemn the repression against human rights defenders and declare that we have founded İnsan Hakları Savunucuları Dayanışma Ağı (Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders – Turkey). 

  In Turkey Repressions Targeting Human Rights Defenders Continue

As human rights organizations, we are concerned over the consequences of the Operation Peace Spring launched on October 9, 2019, that has resulted in the curtailing of rights and freedoms, most severely the right to freedom of expression, and put immense pressure on civil society. The police intervention against the Saturday Mothers’ 759th gathering held... 

  Panel Discussion – Gezi Indictment: Civil Society on Target

Location: Point Hotel Taksim Date: 19 June 2019, Wednesday Hour: 4:00-8:00 PM As civil society organisations, to what extent are we able to exercise our rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association? To what extent are we able to defend these rights which are at the core of civil society activities and are secured... 

  Call to Release Gönül Öztürkoğlu

Gönül Öztürkoğlu, a human rights defender and the president of the Malatya branch of İnsan Hakları Derneği (İHD – Human Rights Association), has been held in pre-trial detention in Turkey for over three months. Öztürkoğlu is charged with acting ‘in junction with a terrorist organization [PKK]’ for her work conducted on behalf of İHD, and faces a... 

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