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Human Rights Association news

Stop judicial harassment of Civil Society in Southeast Turkey

The undersigned organisations are deeply concerned about the recent attacks and politically-motivated police custody measures against prominent civil society actors and political opponents in southeast Turkey. Our organisations call on the authorities in Turkey to immediately and unconditionally release human rights defenders and other civil society representatives and drop all charges against them, as they… 

Rafet Fahri Semizoğlu

President of the Balıkesir Office of Human Rights Association’s (İHD) Rafet Fahri Semizoğlu was taken under custody by the gendarmerie following the raid of his house at dawn. Semizoğlu was released after five days under judicial control. There is an ongoing investigation against him. During his statement, he was asked about the prison visits he… 

Joint Statement: Release Arrested Rights Defenders, Lawyers, and CSO Representatives

Today, on 20 November 2020, numerous rights defenders, lawyers, and CSO representatives were taken into custody in Diyarbakır and nearby cities following morning raids to their homes within the scope of investigation no. 2019/63324 initiated by Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. The grounds for these arrests were reported to pertain to charges within the scope… 

Dr. Serdar Küni sentenced to 4 years, 2 months in prison, again

BIANET Human rights defender Dr. Serdar Küni has been sentenced to 4 years, 2 months in prison again in retrial. Dr. Küni, who was a reference physician from the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) Cizre Reference Center, was arrested on October 19, 2016. Facing charges for “helping people who were allegedly members of [a… 

Release 60 Lawyers and Lawyers in Custody

The Human Rights Association (IHD) issued a written statement today demanding the release of 60 lawyers and lawyers detained in Ankara. The statement is as follows: “With an investigation initiated by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, on September 11, 2020, a total of 60 people were detained, including 48 lawyers, 7 trainee lawyers, 3… 

‘We will not stop demanding justice for the enforced disappeared’

BIANET For the last 800th weeks, Saturday Mothers/People have been asking the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones disappeared in custody in Turkey. Demanding justice for their relatives, they have been prevented from holding their weekly sit-ins in Galatasaray, İstanbul since the 700th week. Accordingly, Saturday Mothers/People and Human Rights Association (İHD) İstanbul Branch’s… 

Unknown perpetrators break into rights defender Eren Keskin’s house

BIANET Unknown perpetrators broke into Human Rights Association (İHD) Co-Chair Eren Keskin’s house yesterday (June 16) to “threaten and intimidate her”, the association has said in a written statement. Pretending to be burglars, the perpetrators ransacked the house but did not steal anything, according to the statement. The incident happened when Keskin was not at… 

Rights Defender Eren Keskin Deposed over Her Tweets from Five Years Ago

BİANET “It is utterly ridiculous that an investigation has been launched into my posts from 5 years ago. The ECtHR stipulates ‘clear and imminent danger.’ There is no such danger, they have waited till this day. Kurdish question cannot be solved without ‘speaking.’ As they do not want to solve it, they prevent the ones… 

Sevda Çelik Özbingöl

The pressure and intimidation on lawyers in Turkey are increasingly detrimental to the ‘right to defend’. Among the top risks lawyers run are their right to defend being ignored and disrespected in and out of court halls, mass detentions and arrests, investigations and intimidation for legal bar associations, lawyers being penalized for their clients. Lately,… 

Hasan Ceylan

Hasan Ceyhan, always on the forefront for peace, is a risk-taking and a determined advocate for safeguarding the right to live for many civilians. Having made a public conversation possible about the mass graves in Bitlis, Ceyhan was arrested while he was the president of the Bitlis branch of Human Rights Association (İnsan Hakları Derneği,… 

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